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This category discusses the fundamentals of VFR navigation. Beginning with an introduction to the charts that can be used for navigation to the more technically advanced concept of GPS, there is one aspect of navigation that remains the same—the pilot is responsible for proper planning and the execution of that planning to ensure a safe flight.


Recommended Tools

Rotating Flight Navigation Plotter – Rotating azimuth eases flight planning with direct course readout. 8 scales to meet the needs of all VFR aeronautical charts; nautical on one side, statute on the flip. Nautical-statute conversion scale also included.

Slide-Rule-Style E6B Flight Computer. On the circular side, black is used for the rate arrow and units to be calculated; Red is used for weight and volume; Blue is used for distance, time and temperature scales. On the wind side, colors are used to identify wind variation: blue identifies west (or right wind correction angle) and red identifies east (or left wind correction angle). ASA’s color E6-B is made with solid aluminum construction and features the functionality pilots have relied on for decades.