Flight Navigation

This section provides information on all phases of air navigation. It is a source of reference for navigators and navigator students. This section explains how to measure, chart the earth, and use flight instruments to solve basic navigation problems. It also contains data pertaining to flight publications, preflight planning, in-flight procedures, and low altitude navigation.

  1. Maps and Charts
  2. Flight Planning
  3. Basic Instruments
  4. Dead Reckoning
  5. Radio Aid Fixing
  6. Map Reading
  7. Radar Navigation
  8. Celestial Concepts
  9. Computing Altitude and True Azimuth
  10. Celestial Precomputation
  11. Plotting and Interpreting the Celestial Line of Position
  12. Special Celestial Techniques
  13. Grid Navigation
  14. Pressure Pattern Navigation
  15. Navigation Systems

Extras:  Click here to download a PDF Celestial Computation Worksheet.

The information found in this section is based upon the information found in the Flight Navigator Handbook as published by the FAA.