Gliders and Sailplanes

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Welcome to the world of soaring. Whether it has been a lifelong dream or a new interest, the pleasure of flying is truly addictive and exhilarating. The intellectual challenge combined with the quiet and beauty of flying high above the earth are two of the many reasons that people both young and old get hooked on flying gliders. If contemplating learning more about the sport, an introductory flight absolutely helps make the decision. Soaring gracefully through the air, along with the meditative silence that surrounds you, is refreshing and exciting. Organizations such as the Soaring Society of America (SSA) have developed excellent programs not only to track a pilot’s learning progression, but also issue badges for flight and knowledge accomplishments. Glider clubs are located all over the country and offer great flight training schools and pilot camaraderie.


This section is designed to aid pilots in achieving their goals in aviation and to provide the knowledge and practical information needed to attain private, commercial, and flight instructor category ratings for gliders. This section, in conjunction with the Aeronautical Knowledge Section, is a source of basic knowledge for certification as a glider pilot and instructor. There are numerous other commercial sources available to the pilot for reference that should be obtained for additional information.

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