Basic Flight Maneuvers – Analog Instrumentation

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Instrument flying techniques differ according to aircraft type, class, performance capability, and instrumentation. Therefore, the procedures and techniques that follow need to be modified to suit individual aircraft. Recommended procedures, performance data, operating limitations, and flight characteristics of a particular aircraft are available in the Pilot’s Operating Handbook/Airplane Flight Manual (POH/ AFM) for study before practicing the flight maneuvers.



Instrument Flight Rules Test Prep

If you are studying for or planning on studying for your instrument rating, the ASA Test Prep guide for the Instrument Rating will help you prepare with samples of every test question in the FAA exam database, along with their answers and explanations.  Subjects covered are:  meteorology, flight and navigational instruments, instrument flight rules and procedures, arrivals and approaches, and review computations. It also includes a computer testing supplement.


You should also consider getting a copy of the Instrument Pilot Oral Exam Guide by Michael D. Hayes to prepare for the oral exam as well as the the Instrument Rating Airmen Certification Standards by the FAA which outlines the standards for passing the knowledge and oral exams.