WSC Powerplants

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This section covers the engines found on most weight-shift control (WSC) aircraft and includes the exhaust, ignition, lubrication, cooling, propeller, gearbox, induction, charging, and fuel systems. Reciprocating engine operating theory is covered for both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The WSC engine and propeller, often referred to as a powerplant, work in combination to produce thrust. The powerplant propels the aircraft and charges the electrical system that supports WSC operation.


The powerplant system is composed of the engine, gearbox, and propeller. It is a key component of a WSC aircraft and should be maintained according to both the engine and airframe manufacturer recommendations.

Preflight information, along with maintenance schedules and procedures, can be found in the pilot’s operating handbook (POH) for Special Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSA), and/or maintenance references from the manufacturers. Engine inspections and maintenance must be performed and documented in a logbook. A pilot should review this logbook before flying an unfamiliar aircraft.

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